Registered Nurse:


Meet Kelly Graven, our skilled Registered Nurse injector. Hailing from Greensboro herself, Kelly brings high energy and a sincere and warm-hearted perspective to her role, here as well as others that require her attention. 

As a married mother of three and the better half to her talented furniture designer and fabricator husband, Andrew Graven, Kelly’s greatest joy in life is being a Mom to her children: Carson, Harper, and Berkley. Her family is her anchor, and their love is the driving force behind everything she does.

Kelly began her journey in nursing at East Carolina University School of Nursing, graduating in 2009. Over the past 14 years, she’s embraced versatile roles, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to healthcare excellence.

The majority of Kelly’s nursing career has been spent in critical care, particularly in the challenging environment of the ICU. She’s navigated outpatient endoscopy procedures, played a vital role in COVID pandemic relief efforts, and provided mobile and in-home IV hydration services. Kelly’s dedication to healthcare extends beyond the local scene – she recently contributed to the establishment of a home health care business.

Her compassionate spirit has led her on some intense international adventures. Kelly has embarked on medical mission trips to Sierra Leone, West Africa, where she dedicated her time to working with a children’s orphanage, supporting local villages, contributing to a children’s hospital, and providing education and training to hospital nurses. She even participated in Ebola cleanup, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to global health and humanitarian causes.

Kelly is not just a nurse injector; she’s a positive and upbeat force in the medical field. Her dynamism, empathy, and detail-oriented approach set her apart. We’re thrilled to have Kelly Graven, a skilled injector with a heart full of warmth, on our team.

In her own words:

“As a mom of three and nearing my 40s, I see first-hand how one’s self-worth can be elevated from the slightest improvement in self image. Aesthetic treatments are not only for the famous celebrity’s in Hollywood but can be for the tired, aging mom who wants to appear more refreshed and youthful. As a woman who can stare into the mirror and not recognize the woman staring back, I’ve appreciated how an aesthetic treatment allows you to enhance a patient’s natural beauty and assist them in creating the best physical version of themselves. My medical background has prepared me the skill to properly assess, the understanding to know ones anatomy, and the ability to critically think in order to prioritize patient safety. With continuous hands on training and mentoring from the Aesthetic Queen, English Black, I am honored to treat and provide others with the self love and appreciation they deserve to feel.”