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For years, BBL or laser technology has been utilized in dermatology, and it has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in providing significant and impressive improvements in damaged skin. However, today a new device – the mJOULE from Sciton – offers better performance than has ever been possible. The Curated Aesthetic has recently begun to provide BBL treatments with mJOULE, along with the MOXI and BBL HERO attachments, to offer unbeatable results to every patient.

What is BBL?

A BBL laser is an advanced way to use laser treatment to improve the skin. BBL stands for BroadBand Light, a technology that has been developed to apply consistent pulses of light to the skin in order to trigger regeneration and healing. This is a similar approach to what has traditionally been used in medical spas, a treatment known as intense pulsed light; however it provides much better results through improved targeting and customization options.

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Benefits of Using the Sciton mJOULE BBL

There are many ways in which the appearance of your skin can be degraded over time. Some of these issues relate to certain specific events that happen in your life, while others are just the byproduct of aging and exposure to various conditions in our environment. Either way, clearing them up can leave you with skin that looks great and brings back a more youthful appearance, and this treatment is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Some of the many reasons our patients come to us for treatment with the mJOULE include:

  • Sunspots. Those who spend a lot of time out under the sun often develop sunspots, especially if they have a relatively light complexion. Using laser treatments is a great way to reduce the appearance of these spots on your skin.
  • Rosacea. Some people deal with a shade of red that appears from just under the outer layer of the skin, and again, laser treatment is an effective way to solve that problem and even out the color of the skin.
  • Acne issues. If you have struggled with acne at various points throughout your life, there may be scars left behind from those outbreaks. BBL treatment is one of the best ways to lighten or even eliminate such scars.

This list is just a starting point, of course, but it gives you a good idea of what can be accomplished through this type of light treatment. If you aren’t sure that a BBL laser is the right approach for the improvements you’d like to make on your skin, contact The Curated Aesthetic right away to discuss your needs and develop a treatment plan that works for you.

It’s Not Just for Your Face

You might think first about utilizing this type of treatment for only your face, but that’s far from the only option. Yes, it’s commonly used for the face, but many patients also opt to have laser work done on their shoulders, chest, neck, and other areas. Again, it’s about customizing the treatment to serve your specific needs. You’ll be able to work together with the team at The Curated Aesthetic to make sure the treatment you get is exactly what you had in mind to improve the areas of your skin that you’d like to target.


While any of The Curated Aesthetic’s BBL treatments provide you with excellent results, there are some differences in what you can expect between the HERO and MOXI technologies. Here is a quick overview –

  • MOXI. This is the right pick if you want a quick improvement to the condition of your skin texture. If you’re concerned about small areas on your skin, such as fine lines, and wrinkles, or want to prevent signs of aging and skin damage before they occur, MOXI is an excellent treatment option. Significant improvements can be enjoyed with MOXI, and you’ll be able to resume your regular day-to-day life almost immediately. Some patients opt to simply schedule an appointment for a MOXI treatment alone, while others will incorporate it into a bigger collection of skin care treatments.
  • HERO. When you want to go deeper into your skin to even out pigment issues and get lasting, impressive results, it’s the HERO treatment that you’ll likely want to select. This is a comfortable treatment experience, and most people will only feel slightly warm both during and after the process (for just a short period of time). You’ll love the way your skin looks and feels in the aftermath, and the results will only get better with repeated treatments.

If you have been hoping to try out a BBL treatment in the Greensboro area, The Curated Aesthetic should be your next stop. Not only does this facility have the equipment necessary to offer this treatment, but also a staff that is trained specifically on the mJOULE equipment so you can be confident that amazing results are just one phone call away. Call today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about the Sciton mJOULE and what it can do for you. Don’t wait any longer to start the process to Look and Feel Your Very Best!

Know What to Expect

It’s always good to know what to expect before going into any kind of treatment process. The more information you have available to you in advance, the more you can put your worries to the side and just focus on relaxing and looking forward to the end result.

Only minimal aftercare requirements are needed for those who undergo a BBL treatment. You’ll want to avoid direct exposure to the sun for a period of time. To get the best possible results from BBL treatment, it is usually suggested to get on a schedule of periodic treatments that can target the areas you’d like to improve over time. Below are the specifics for each of the BBL treatments that The Curated Aesthetic offers.

MOXI Treatments:

On the Day of Your Treatment:
Your skin may be applied with a topical numbing cream 30-45 minutes before your Moxi treatment. During the treatment, you might feel a slight warming sensation as the provider glides the Moxi laser over your skin. The laser creates micro-coagulation zones in the skin that are naturally repaired by the body, replacing damaged cells with healthy skin.

Post-Treatment Care:

Your post-care routine is easy to follow. Simply wear a moisturizing physical sunscreen and minimize sun exposure. You may wear makeup 24 hours after the treatment. The day after the treatment, you may see some redness and tiny micro dots called “mends,” depending on the level of treatment. As the microzones heal, they will darken and feel slightly rough. Between days 3 and 5, the mends will slough off, revealing the new, healthier-looking skin underneath.

To take care of your skin after the treatment, wash your skin gently morning and night with a mild cleanser, moisturize it regularly, and apply your favorite physical barrier sunscreen.

How Many Moxi Treatments Will I Need?

The number of Moxi treatments you need will depend on your treatment goals and the level of correction desired. Most patients receive 3 to 4 corrective Moxi treatments and then opt for regular maintenance treatments. Speak to your Curated Aesthetic provider about your goals, and they can advise you on the best treatment plan.

HERO Treatments:

Your provider will gently glide the BBL HERO hand piece over your skin, while the Sapphire on the end of the applicator’s device keeps your skin cool and comfortable. You should experience minimal to no discomfort during the treatment. Afterward, you may continue to feel warm for an additional 30 to 60 minutes.

Patients who receive BBL HERO treatments can expect visible results in just 1 to 2 treatments. In contrast, other IPL technologies, which are less effective, may require 5 to 6 treatments to produce similar results.

Post-HERO Treatment Care:
Following treatment with BBL HERO, patients can typically return to their normal activities immediately. It is essential to follow your provider’s instructions closely, avoid direct sun exposure, and wear sunscreen.

During healing, pigmentation may darken, and some swelling and redness may persist temporarily. Your skin may feel tender like a sunburn. In the days to weeks following treatment, your body’s natural healing process will replace damaged cells with new ones, resulting in revitalized skin.

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